Origin’s OS-20 sliding door makes for a stunning addition to the home. Made from premium grade aluminium, this system not only looks the part but brings with it a great many benefits.

Offering ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm, the OS-20 makes for less in the way of frame and more in the way of natural light.

Its remarkably sleek design is still able to accommodate a vast expanse of glass, with panel sizes reaching up to 2.2m wide and 3m tall. What’s known as a structurally bonded system, the glass and frame actually come as one single unit.

Premium low-e toughened glass allows for increased security, further enhanced by a multi-point locking system which locks into either the adjacent door or jamb.

The OS-20 is also thermally efficient, exceeding British Regulation requirements. Indeed, all doors are thermally broken to limit the transfer of heat both in and out. U-vales of 1.4 can be achieved with this particular home improvement.

As well as an industry leading 20 year guarantee, Origin offer customers a choice of four handle options, these in the form of Hipca White, Slate Grey, Anthracite Grey and Jet Black respectively.

Better still, 150 RAL colours are available, allowing homeowners to achieve the perfect look for their surroundings.


Specification Details

77mm or 44mm Sightlines
Strong and Secure
Visually Stunning
Effortless Operation
Up to 20-Year Guarantee
150+ RAL Shades

OS-44 and OS-77

Change the way you interact with your home and garden with a virtual wall of glass and some of the smallest sightlines in the industry.

Effortlessly elegant, these particular Origin Patio Sliders complement all types of property – whether you’re creating a new space in a modern build or updating your existing style.

The OS-44 is the slimmer of the two with sightlines of just 44mm, while the OS-77 has a more traditional look with sightlines of 77mm.

Because they are designed and made here in the UK, you can specify your exact size and configurations, along with instructions on how you would like your doors to operate (up to 2m wide by 2.6m high). 

The glazed panels slide in front of each other however you’d like – all the way to the right, left, or intermittently, depending on your exact requirements.

Available in over 150 RAL shades, you can choose a different colour on the inside to the out. This means you can show the neighbours just how fun you are, or keep that side of your personality private. Each system is powder coated so the colour will never fade, regardless of  weather conditions.

Whichever door you choose, you can be sure that the barrels have been tested to resist all common housebreaking methods. The OS-77 takes security levels even further to exceed British building standards and is PAS 24:2016 accredited.

Thermally efficient, ultra-secure and designed with longevity in mind, both sliding doors come with Origin’s industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years. So, which will it be?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Bi-Folding Door and a Sliding Door?

Bi-folding doors differ from sliding doors as they fold back onto themselves to open an entire aperture. By contrast sliding doors operate by sliding a glass panel along a set of horizontal rails.

What key features should I consider when buying a sliding door?

Anyone looking to install sliding doors should consider the size of the opening, the frame material and the overall style of the doors themselves. Weighing up different handle options is also important, along with security features. We recommend a visit to our showroom before deciding on a home improvement of this kind.

Which is more secure a Bi-Folding Door or a Sliding Door?

The security features available in both Origin bi folding and sliding doors mean each are ultra-secure and create a safe environment for homeowners.