Origin Bi-Folds Doors

For many people, the addition of a bi-fold door signifies more than simply a change to the way you enter and exit a room, it represents a new way of life.

Your newly installed doors will become the focal point of any kitchen, dining extension or lounge, providing an all-important WOW factor in the process.

Entertain your friends in natural sunlight, connect visually with your garden and generate a stunning environment in which to work, rest and play.

  • Bring personality to your home
  • Add zest and life
  • Visually connect with your garden
  • Flood your living space with natural light
  • Realise added security and peace of mind


With sightlines of just 110mm, OB49 doors deliver vast expanses of glass, with virtually uninterrupted views. 

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Boasting a unique free-glide running system and sightlines of 154mm, OB72 doors can accommodate single configurations of up to twelve doors, as well as bay and corner sets.

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Floating Corner System

Bi-Folding doors with integrated floating corners create a completely uninterrupted view of your garden and nearby surroundings.

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Bespoke Options

Bi-fold doors aren’t just used on lounge and kitchen extensions, they can be utilised in many other applications as well. 

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