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Summer is well and truly here, soaring temperatures of up to 32 degrees and blistering sunlight all day long is finally upon us. Although we’re all enjoying days in the park with ice creams and picnics, no amount of sun cream will keep us from being too hot and sweaty – especially at night time. It’s important to keep at a cooler temperature to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration, not to mention getting a good night’s sleep. Trying to get a decent rest at night can become tricky given the unbearable heat, but at SCBF’s, we want to help ensure you’re feeling fresh for the day at hand – so here are a few tips on how to keep cool in the hot weather.


Chandlers Ford Bi-fold

Many of you will be going through the finishing touches of your brand-new extensions. Now we’re well into the summer months, it’s the perfect time to enjoy an orangery or conservatory. Their elegant features and finishes can completely transform the overall feel of your property, and more importantly, your quality of life. The thought of moving to a new house can often bring nothing but stress and panic, so improving your current situation often seems like a very viable option – so, why not make the most of it?


Sandy Down Bi-Folds 4

Here at South Coast Bi-Folds, we want you to get the most out of our products, and although window cleaning isn’t the most exciting job in the world, it can make a world of difference to your overall experience. The summer is officially upon us now, and the smears and marks on your glass will be even more noticeable with the gleaming sunlight. So, take a look at our tips below and let us help you spruce up your bi-folding doors to the shiniest they can be!


4 part bi folding door set

Having natural light fill your home is a priceless benefit when installing bi-folding doors. With so many people now realising they are suffering from conditions such as SAD, it’s much a more common place subject we talk about and people now realise the importance of making the most of any sunshine we can get!

Sandy Down Bi-Folds 4

Watch a video of us installing bi-fold doors to understand the process more and see the results!



It’s the perfect time of year to adjust and change your surroundings. Starting a fresh is on everyone’s mind now the new year has hit us, and what better way to change your living space than to add bi-folding doors. Perhaps you feel your current décor could use a facelift, or maybe you just fancy a change, either way, bi-folding doors will eliminate any boredom you may have with the appearance of your home – in fact, they will completely transform it.



At South Coast Bi-Folds, we design tailored products to suit your home’s requirements. Our bespoke technological and architectural features are exclusive to your living space, whether you choose a Floating Corner Post bi-fold or a 7-door bi-fold, we guarantee our full attention to detail when it comes to developing the project. Once your property has a bi-fold installed, you’ll soon be ticking off the exceeding list of advantages that comes with having one of our products – however, why stop there?

3 part bi folding door set in RAL 7021 Colour has been installed at the end of this kitchen extension. Decking has be brought up level with the thehold for a virtually flush and seemless transition from indoors to outside.

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be considering getting your loved one a brand new set of bi-folding doors for a new installation in the new year!


Sandy Down Bi-Folds 3