Uninterrupted Views

In 2019 Origin introduced its latest Bi-fold Door. Inspired by the OB-72 this newest product was christened OB-49. 

With sightlines of just 110mm, it delivers vast expanses of glass, with a virtually uninterrupted view. Exceeding British Building Regulation requirements, the OB-49 has a certified U-Value of 1.2*, allowing occupants to enjoy the view all year round, without the fear of rising heating bills.

Each door can be manufactured to just 400mm or as wide as 1200mm and tall as 3000mm. Furthermore different configurations and options are available to open up your space. There are several different styles available, including mid-rail, single, French Doors and corner sets, to name a few.

* with Triple Glazing

Specification Details

110mm Sightlines
PAL 24 As Standard
Low Threshold
Max Door Width 1200mm
U Values Up To 1.2
Max Height 2500mm

Why Should I Use An Aluminium Bi-folding Door?

The ideal material to use for bi folding doors has to be lightweight and strong. Furthermore it must be able to maintain its look and work continuously for many years. This makes Aluminium the only real option.

Aluminium bi folding doors have ultra slim line frames to allow for much larger glazing panels, facilitating more light and by extension better views. In addition, when you review aluminium’s characteristics against that of wooden or UPVC bi folding doors,  you will find that it is much more resilient to heat and therefore unlikely to expand or contract, alter shape or change colour! 

For those requiring their doors to move, fold, stack and open seamlessly, aluminium bi folding doors are the obvious and perhaps only choice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Bi-folding Door and a Sliding Door?

Bi-folding doors differ from sliding doors as they fold back onto themselves to open an entire aperture. By contrast sliding doors operate by sliding a glass panel along a set of horizontal rails.

What colour options do I have?

Origin’s OB-49 bi folding doors can be customised to suit your surroundings and are available in a full range of RAL and contemporary colours.

What are the main benefits of Bi-folding Doors?

Bifold doors allow you to combine indoor and outdoor space and afford more natural light. They are also a modern design option with high quality security features. Bifolds are available in slim frames, are easy to maintain and built to last. Better still, they increase the market value of a property.

What is a traffic door?

A traffic door is the name given to a door which is deemed to be commonly used and has a large footfall through it.. Traffic doors are ‘double acting’, meaning they swing in both directions.