A Unique System

Origin made its name with the introduction of the widely revered OB-72 Bi-fold Door – a style which was until that point hard to come by in the UK.

Featuring a unique free glide running system and sightlines of 154mm, it can accommodate single configurations of up to twelve doors, as well as bay and corner sets, to create a seamless link between indoors and out. Achieving a thermal efficiency rating of 1.3*, this product will keep your heat regulated, no matter the weather.

* with Triple Glazing

Specification Details

154mm Sightlines
PAL 24 As Standard
Low Threshold
Max Door Width 1200mm
U Values Up To 1.3

The bottom of each door has its own long wheel base carriage. These conceal floor wheels within a low threshold base track, enabling seamless movement and creating that desired infinity view.

Max Door Height 3000mm

Safe For All The Family

Regardless of which system you choose, the secret of the smooth, effortless movement is in the bottom section of the door, where a track and wheel combination enables it to smoothly open and close, with just one push.

If that force is applied by the tiniest of fingers, you can rest assured they’ll be able to operate the doors safely, courtesy of the finger safe gaskets and catches which hold the doors in place. In addition, a low threshold with chaffered lip enables the track to be positioned virtually flush to your finished floor level, eliminating the risks of trips and falls.


Bi Folding Door Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bi-folding Door?

Bi folding doors differ from standard options in that they can be folded into two or more parts. These installations work in a concertina-like style, with individual panes folding back onto themselves to open up a complete aperture. Bi-folding doors allow for open plan views and easy access, whilst also providing strong thermal values.

Do you have a showroom with Origin products on display?

Yes. As a premium partner of Origin, South Coast Bi-Fold have a range of product options available to view in our Romsey showroom. Please book an appointment to ensure you gain access to everything on display and are able to discuss any plans with one of or home improvement experts.

How do I get a low threshold?

A threshold refers to the bottom track that a bifold slides in and out of when opened or closed. There are two types of threshold – non-weathered and weathered.

Non-weathered thresholds have a completely flat top surface. Weathered thresholds include a step from outside to in.

To achieve a weathered and low threshold we encourage you to consider design and discuss options with your builder or architect before committing to any build work.

What should I be considering when buying a Bi-folding door?

If you’re considering purchasing a bi-folding door we recommend opting for durable material such as aluminium, which is built to last. It also serves to pay multiple visits to a showroom in order to consider all options before settling on a preferred product. Always look to secure a manufacturers guarantee, such as the 20 years offered by South Coast Bi Folds, and don’t be discouraged by pricing, which increases for premium options which are worth the investment.