Bi-folding doors and their options Our Bi-Dolding Door Accessories and Options

Our Bi-Dolding Door Accessories and Options

At South Coast Bi-Folds, we design tailored products to suit your home’s requirements. Our bespoke technological and architectural features are exclusive to your living space, whether you choose a Floating Corner Post bi-fold or a 7-door bi-fold, we guarantee our full attention to detail when it comes to developing the project. Once your property has a bi-fold installed, you’ll soon be ticking off the exceeding list of advantages that comes with having one of our products – however, why stop there?

We offer several accessory options to personalise your bi-folds even further. Ranging from their colour, to final finishing touches, we want to make sure that their maximum potential is reached.


Choice of handle – Finding a common ground between functionality and appearance, a handle can make a bigger difference to your doors than you think. Depending on the material you have chosen for your original design, it’s important to select a handle to match.  Whether you’re looking for a contemporary finish or a more traditional look, we have a wide range of high quality lever handles to meet your tastes and requirements. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail here at SCBF’s and no matter which handle you choose, we guarantee they all offer the same faultless service.

Colour Co-ordinated Gaskets – If you have chosen one of our Origin Doors, we are able to offer matching gaskets, giving you an even smarter finish. We offer seven different colours of superior weather seals to coincide with your choice of frame, including: Slate Grey, Jet Black, Silver Metallic, Hipca White, Natural Oak and Walnut. Check out the ‘Bi-fold Door Options’ page on our website for further information: CLICK HERE

Colours – Depending on your preference of colour configuration, we offer over 200 bespoke colour choices to suit your needs. Whether you favour a natural look, or want to match your new bi-folds with your existing home décor, we will work hard to ensure you have a product that suits the aesthetic of your home. Our standard range of colours include: Walnut, Natural Oak, Mahogany, Golden Oak, Hipca White, Silver Metallic, Jet Black, Black Grey, Anthracite Grey and Slate Grey. Again, take a look at the website for more information on our vast range of colours.

We have a design team ready to help you with your project. Whether you’re a new customer or want some advice on a product we have installed, feel free to get in touch! Call the office at 01794 725248.


4 part bi folding door set sprayed in a bespoke blue Ral colour has been installed into this modern townhouse in winchester.