Making The Most of Your Home With New Bi-Folds

It’s the perfect time of year to adjust and change your surroundings. Starting a fresh is on everyone’s mind now the new year has hit us, and what better way to change your living space than to add bi-folding doors. Perhaps you feel your current décor could use a facelift, or maybe you just fancy a change, either way, bi-folding doors will eliminate any boredom you may have with the appearance of your home – in fact, they will completely transform it.

Not only are bi-folding doors designed to suit numerous different living situations, they can also be personalised and adapted to ensure you receive the maximum potential from the product. Beside from the fact they can bring brand new personality and light to a home, bi-folds also add a huge element of space, as their floor to ceiling glass panes introduce the outside world into your house.

Once you have bi-folds installed, there are other ways to highlight them within your existing space. As you now have the best possible view of your garden, why not link the two together through colour schemes, materials and your choice of décor. Work with natural colours to pull your features together – greens, creams and browns will match the indoor and outdoor elements, whilst adding a fresh appearance to the room. Add patio furniture to keep the aesthetic of your garden within the room and keep the room’s content to a minimum. It’s important to highlight key features rather than overcrowd the room with too many ornaments and decorations – remember your bi-folds will act as the centrepiece, so work with their simplicity to capture a contemporary feel.

If you feel there is still more potential for extra light and space, take a look at our sister company, ‘Rococo.’ They offer a wide range of stunning roof lanterns that could evolve your living areas even more. Matched up with bi-folding doors and windows, your conservatory, orangery or garden room will soon be a multipurpose living space for both socialising and relaxing. Enjoy the view of your garden, whilst also having the opportunity to gaze up at the stars. The lanterns and roof lights are also designed to meet the requirements of many different living situations, giving you a design that is exclusive to you. For more info on Rococo’s products, visit their website here:

We hope you enjoy accessorising your homes to bring out the most in your bi-folding doors. For more ideas, check out our gallery here