Time Lapse of A Bi-Fold Door Installation

Here at South Coast Bi-Folds, we take extra time and care to curate bespoke designs that will add the ‘wow-factor’ to your property. In the video above, you can see a timelapse of our bi-folding doors installation process. We are firm believers that bi-folds are suitable for all seasons, whether they let in the beautiful summer sun, or keep in your homes existing heat in the frosty winter months. One thing is for sure, the strong and reassuring frames can withstand heavy weather forecasts, making them structurally suitable to accommodate your property’s needs.

Our team of experts are installing large gable windows with aluminium frames. Not only are they practical, they are also aesthetically pleasing in regards to their parallel appearance to the modern and contemporary barn conversion. Aligning perfectly with the bi-folding doors below, the symmetrical aspect of the feature gives it a striking and luxurious finish, which is unique and exclusive to the property.

Take a look at our designs and products via our website or our sister company, Rococo.