Bi-Folding Doors and What They Have To Offer

Increasing in popularity, bi-folding doors can potentially add value to your home, as well as a beautiful addition to the appearance of your living areas. Their versatility and personalised features make them unique to your own taste, meaning every design is different. Both interior and exterior bi-folds are remarkably easy to operate and maintain – working on a simple but effective tracking system, it’s their simplicity that adds to their overall beauty. The styles of the doors can be chosen to match the existing features of an individual’s home, whether it be modern, classic or colonial, the doors should continue to carry the style of the building, creating more space than ever thought possible. For those of you seeking more information about bi-folds, we’ve put together a list of what they have to offer…

Advantages over other types of door

First of all, unlike French doors, they offer an enhanced view of your outdoor areas. As bi-folds can take up an entire wall, you will gain a wide view of your garden, creating a very pleasant area to socialise and relax in. This unparalleled widescreen view opens up plenty of options when it comes to decoration, interior design and the appearance of your garden. With the majority of the door being made of glass, they are easy to clean and maintain. Aside from this, they have without a doubt some of the most stylish and innovative design features a door can have.


Aluminium doors offer a great balance of strength and weight, their sightlines and frames are kept thin to maximise the visual impact of the glass. They are extremely easy to maintain, and tend to come with longer guarantees because they are less likely to flex, bend or break than any other material used for bi-folds. Timber and PVCu are alternative choices, however these have wider sightlines that can potentially restrict your view. Timber, however does match the appearance of traditional, older properties.

Thermal Performance

Bi-folds have their heat-efficiency measured through U values – these show the amount of heat lost in Watts per every square metre of the material. The lower the number of Watts, the more efficient the material, giving you piece of mind when it comes to keeping your heating at a lower temperature. Bi-folding doors are seen as an investment because over time, they can potentially reduce your energy bills, but still keep your house warm or cold when you see fit.


Prices for bi-folding doors can vary depending on many different factors. Whether you choose aluminium frames, triple glazed glass or different ranges of hardware, the total price can change dramatically. Not only are they adjustable to suit the style or size of your house, they can also be personalised to suit your financial requirements.

Shapes and Sizes

Bespoke designs are tailored to work with the space of an individual’s home in mind. From the framing to the size of the glass panes, you will be involved with the development and creation of your bi-folding door, with experts giving their best advice from their working experiences. There are hundreds of different colour options to give your product the finish you desire, and with no feature being the same, your bi-fold will be unique to you.

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