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Winter is well and truly on its way. Halloween gone, Bonfire night aroud the corner and Christmas will be here before you know it, the clocks have goe back an hour, and soon the weather will turn cold and your heating bills will start to increase. By tradition, bi-folding doors are associated with the summer months, as they allow you to appreciate your outdoor spaces in a new light. However, the doors can also provide high quality benefits throughout winter as well – and here’s why…


4 part bi folding door set in kitchen refurbishment project

Unfortunately, the clocks will soon be moving back an hour as the autumn and winter months draw in. Bi-folds are a popular and beautiful addition to any home, but they’re often marketed as a great asset to have during the summer months. You can open the doors and incorporate your garden into your living space with ease. However, in the autumn months, you may find that you’re opening your bi-folds less and less, and as the depths of winter approach, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to open them up at all. So what benefit do bi-folds have when it’s too cold to use them as they were intended?


Orangery system with lantern roof to open up the kitchen and create a new dining area.

Increasing in popularity, bi-folding doors can potentially add value to your home, as well as a beautiful addition to the appearance of your living areas. Their versatility and personalised features make them unique to your own taste, meaning every design is different. Both interior and exterior bi-folds are remarkably easy to operate and maintain – working on a simple but effective tracking system, it’s their simplicity that adds to their overall beauty. The styles of the doors can be chosen to match the existing features of an individual’s home, whether it be modern, classic or colonial, the doors should continue to carry the style of the building, creating more space than ever thought possible. For those of you seeking more information about bi-folds, we’ve put together a list of what they have to offer…


Sandy Down Bi-Folds 3

Having floor to ceiling bi-folding doors and windows is the perfect way to open up your living space and make the most of the natural sunlight. Bi-folding doors and windows integrate your home with your garden, adding a luxurious talking point to your house. This, however is only the case if they are transparent and completely clean. We want you to enjoy this lovely weather as much as you can, therefore we’ve put together a few pointers that will keep the effort involved with cleaning windows as minimal as possible, as well as providing you with solutions for getting a crystal clear view into your garden. Here are our top tips and advice on how to clean and maintain bi-folding doors and windows.


Chandlers Ford Bi-fold

With millions of homeowners installing bi-folding doors into their homes, we thought this would be the perfect time to explain what all of the fuss is about, especially with it being summer. Constantly increasing in popularity, these unique doors offer a great alternative to traditional patio doors, whilst also overcoming many common restrictions.

A 6 part bi fold door with floating corner pillar creates a wow factor to the corner of this kitchen and dining area

The current trend is to invest money into your current property and make it what you dream of, rather than go through the stress and expense of moving! 

4 part and 3 part bi folding door with matching angled window in kitchen conversion project

So, what are the benefits of bi-fold doors and what positives can they bring to your home? We look into the increasing popularity of this home improvement. 


4 part bi folding door set sprayed in a bespoke blue Ral colour has been installed into this modern townhouse in winchester

Windows and doors can often be forgotten about when re-decorating. An old door may be lacking in security and could put your home at risk, and with an extensive range of designs ad styles, a bi-fold door may be the ticket to enhancing your quality of life. 


4 part bi folding door set in kitchen refurbishment project