How To Clean and Maintain Bi-Folding Doors and Windows

Cleaning the Glass

Whether you choose to use vinegar, a cleaning spray or soap and water, cleaning your windows isn’t about the cleaning product, it’s about using the right tools to avoid getting any streaks. Many of us make the mistake of using kitchen towels, however, they will leave lots of streaks on the glass if you aren’t careful. Microfiber clothes and squeegees are great for a streak free finish, however the best option we think, is scrunched up paper.

When cleaning the glass, ensure the solution doesn’t run - for the best results, spray it on the scrunched up paper first. As there aren’t any holes in the paper, liquid won’t drip through, leaving you in control of which parts of the window are wet.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Frames

Delicate cleaning is definitely the way to go here, using any heavy-duty cleaning products or scrubbing too hard could damage the frames or the powder coat finish. Use paraffin based cleaning solutions and non-abrasive liquid cream cleaners on a damp cloth for the best results, however make sure they are dried afterwards to avoid smears and marks.

Cleaning the Tracks

It is important to check the tracks at the bottom of your bi-folding doors for any stones or debris. Any large objects can impede on the smooth running of the doors and potentially cause long term damage. Use a vacuum cleaner nozzle to remove any unwanted dirt, and then apply some silicon spray to keep the running motion of the tracks as smooth as possible.

For more tips and guidance on maintaining your bi-folds and windows, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page.


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